Solidarity communions

Donate a part of the gifts you receive in your communion and

share your happiness with the children who need it most

Your communion is a big day, a special day that you will never forget. Everyone is happy with you and wants to give you great gifts.

Receiving Jesus is letting him enter your heart and that He makes it, like His, sensitive to people who suffer and are in need.

That is why we invite you to share the happiness of the day of your communion with other children who do not have what it takes to be able to study or eat.

You can tell your family and friends which part of the gifts you want to share on this special day with other children.


with whom you can collaborate


4€ or 5$

 you can prevent a child from tuberculosis in Philippines


20€ or 25$

you will guarantee that a child can go to school in Sierra Leone


40€ or 50$

 you will provide a daily meal to 100 children in poverty in Venezuela


65€ or 80$

you will allow a child to go to school for an entire year in Brazil

115€ or 140$

a child can get out of malnutrition in the Brazilian Amazon

180€ or 215$

a child can go to school and study in Peru for a year

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